Packing a boat (part 1)

So I went on my first kayak camping trip 2 weeks ago, it was great fun, As I’ve never packed a boat before, I bought a whole bunch of 30 L dry bags which I later figure out they were too big to be stuffed into a hatch.  I did managed to bring almost everything I prepared for (Except for my down jacket and my Butane Stove).  I have gone backpacking before where I carried minimal gear and eat freeze-dried food but I was told that in kayaking you can bring comfort food so I did.  Brought a few sandwiches, a few chunky soups, and home made veggie and beef so I can have a really good meal at camp.  On this trip, I learned that I have to get many small dry bags so it’s easier to stuff in the boat, pack the tent and ground sheet in 2 separate bags, get a compact sleeping bag for the summer, use reusable dry bags as opposed to garbage bags to be environmentally friendly, bring 3 Liters of water per day of camping, and more, I’ll write more when I think of it…

The Boat I used was the 16 feet 10 inches Current Design Gulfstream, which is a smaller boat than I was used to (I’m used to paddling the 18 feet 3 inches Atlantis Titan, which has a lot more space for packing).

Below are sketches in my log book of how I packed the boat.

one thing I forgot was definitely want to get a dry case for my cell phone and have it on my PFD, just in case I get separated from the boat, I can still call for help.


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